You’re a maker, a doer.

You started your business with the intention of creating something great and helping your customers. So you want to focus on what you're good at: running your business.

Why hire an independent bookkeeper?

A few reasons to consider:

You either love or hate paperwork

(and you’re probably part of the latter group)

Haven’t opened that accounting software except to invoice in the last month? Credit card receipts piling up and accounts left unreconciled? Leave the most dreaded task on your to-do list to someone who enjoys it. Get back to what you love doing in your business and leave the paperwork to a professional.

Your time is limited

In a day, a hundred tasks can demand your attention, pulling you in different directions. Don’t let your bookkeeping be one of them. As a small business owner you wear many hats, from marketing and sales to operations. You’re the CEO, CFO, CMO and all the other C’s you didn’t know existed until you opened up shop. There’s enough demand for your time and attention. Let me take some of that off your plate.

You want clean, consistent bookeeping

Would you hire someone for a position if he wasn’t qualified? Of course not! So why should you be doing your own bookkeeping? My clients are phenomenal builders, contractors, manufacturers, but none of them are great bookkeepers. You wouldn’t settle for less when hiring a new employee. So don’t settle for less in such a critical area of your business as your finances.

Get to know your business better

Want to get a clearer picture of your business’ financial health? It all starts with clean, GAAP compliant financial records. Then we can dive deeper into balance sheets, profit & loss analysis, forecasting and budgeting. Seems overwhelming? As an experienced financial analyst, I can walk you through all the numbers to actionable recommendations. Want to know where you could be saving money? What jobs are most profitable? Where to invest more time and resources and where to cut? Let’s talk.

Would we be a good fit?

A few reasons it may be wrong for you:

You have too little bookkeeping

Maybe you’re a brand spanking new business owner and spend less than 5 hours on your financials every month. Maybe your business is a small side hustle and you’re not trying to scale at this time. If you are, I can help you identify your pain points and advise on how to overcome them to grow. If you're just starting out and need bookkeeping advice, I'd love to help!

You have too much bookkeeping

You’re seeing tens of thousands of transactions each month and need full time accounts receivables, payables, payroll and an in-house controller. Your books are too big for my services, but I’m happy to consult on financial analytics if you’re looking for growth and optimization.

You’re not ready to let go

If you love wearing all the hats in your business or want to have your hands in every facet, monitoring every transaction that occurs, we won’t be a good fit. I relieve the stress of bookkeeping by delegation. You hand it over and gain freedom to spend more time on the things that matter in your business. You’ll see the forest not the trees, and I’ll flag any trees that require your attention.

How it Works

From consultation to tax time, here's what to expect.


Let’s meet! This can be done over a call, coffee or zoom. After introductions, we’ll discuss your business and goals. Where are you at versus where do you want to be? Then we'll cover division of work, current workload, and expectations to ensure we’re a good fit!


Making it Official

You’ll receive the initial questionnaire to gather all the information necessary to work together. This may include logins, workflow, and points of contact for me to get started. I'll get all the nitty gritty details about your banking and current bookkeeping (or lack thereof) to get started.


This is the most time intensive step. Once able to access bank accounts, I’ll begin learning your business’ finances. If you have QuickBooks Online (QBO) already setup, I’ll login and begin reviewing your current accounting. Otherwise, I’ll get you set up and link your accounts. (I’m happy to work with the desktop app if you prefer!)


Now that I’m more familiar with your financials, we’ll have another meeting. You’ll address any questions I have about various transactions, vendors, or classifications. You’ll get an idea of what your bookkeeping will look like going forward and any questions you may have answered. We’ll iron out the details for smooth sailing.


Once I’ve learned the ins and outs of your books, we’ll develop a routine based on your business and schedule. Your accounting will be managed progressively through the month. So you’ll receive reports for month-end by the 10th of the following month. I’ll also provide recommendations for growth based on trends in your books.

Tax Time

I’ll be in touch with your CPA either quarterly or annually, depending on your business’s needs. If you’re concerned about tax expenses, forecasting net income can provide you an idea of what will be due at tax time. We can also work to optimize your budgets before year-end close to make your profits work for your business.

Bookkeeper & Analyst

Jacquelyn Owen

I’m Jacquelyn, your bookkeeper and finance nerd. For over a decade, I’ve worked with small business owners, keeping clean books and providing actionable recommendations based on their financials. My specialty is in the construction and manufacturing sectors. I’m a full charge bookkeeper, which means I can handle all of your bookkeeping tasks from receivables to reconciliations. Additionally, I’ve worked as an analyst, pulling meaningful insights from marketing, operations and financial data. My goal is to find the clues in your finances that help guide your next steps, leading to building a better business.

Beyond bookkeeping, I’m a Christian, coffee addict and dog mom, graduating soon with my degree in statistics from University of South Florida. I strive to honor God in all that I do. Growing up around small business owners, thanks to my dad and family friends, I found a desire to help them succeed. I saw firsthand how hard it is to find reliable, trustworthy people who believe in your business like you do. There’s a loyalty that’s hard to replicate in employees if they’ve never loved a business like it was theirs.

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